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Adani Wilmar Releases CSR Film Spotlighting SuPoshan Sanginis’ Fight Against Malnutrition On International Women’s Day

Adani Wilmar’s CSR film honors SuPoshan Sanginis for combating malnutrition, highlighting their vital role in transforming communities across India

On International Women’s Day, Adani Wilmar (AWL), a prominent Indian Food FMCG company, has unveiled a new CSR short film honoring the pivotal role of SuPoshan Sanginis in tackling malnutrition and anaemia among vulnerable groups, including children (zero to five  years), adolescents and women of reproductive age. These SuPoshan Sanginis, integral to the Fortune SuPoshan Project by Adani Wilmar and Adani Foundation, are grassroots volunteers dedicated to breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition. The newly launched short film, directed by Tiyash Sen and conceptualised by DDB Mudra group, illustrates the transformative efforts of these Sanginis in rural India, emphasising their endeavors to uplift undernourished children and educate families on the importance of nutritious foods. This four minute film will be distributed across various platforms like Meta and YouTube for maximum visibility.

The Fortune SuPoshan Project, initiated in 2016, has achieved remarkable success in improving the health and nutritional status of target groups in vulnerable communities across 31 sites in India, including aspirational districts like Vidisha (MP) and Narmada (Gujarat). Through the deployment of over 1000 Sanginis across 1940 villages and slums, the project has reached over 4,04,261 lakh households, resulting in approximately 90,000 children being saved from malnutrition. Additionally, more than 3 lakh adolescent girls and women of reproductive age have benefited from the interventions facilitated by these women volunteers.

Priti Adani, Chairperson of Adani Foundation, praised the invaluable contributions of SuPoshan Sanginis, emphasising their role in breaking the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition. The project’s success is underscored by a recent endline evaluation conducted by a New Delhi-based research institute, which highlighted its effectiveness in combating malnutrition among children under 5 across six sites. Despite India’s ranking of 107 out of 121 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2022, the Fortune SuPoshan Project has demonstrated significant progress in addressing malnutrition, a critical issue given India’s high global child wasting rate.

Nitin Pradhan, Creative Head at DDB Mudra, explained that the film portrays the journey of a malnourished child’s gradual recovery, with the SuPoshan Sangini playing a pivotal role in this transformation. Through various interventions, including cooking demonstrations and focused group discussions, these volunteers raise awareness about health, nutrition and government policies, acting as bridges between communities and anganwadis.

Angshu Mallick, Managing Director and CEO of Adani Wilmar, expressed pride in the Fortune SuPoshan Project’s progress and emphasised the company’s commitment to addressing malnutrition, given its status as the largest food company in India. He applauded the dedication of SuPoshan Sanginis and emphasised the importance of recognising their contributions on International Women’s Day.

The CSR short film serves as a tribute to the extraordinary dedication of SuPoshan Sanginis and their unwavering commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of their communities. Through their efforts, these women volunteers exemplify the spirit of teamwork, inclusivity and positive change, making a significant impact in the fight against malnutrition and anaemia in India.

Adani Wilmar Releases CSR Film Spotlighting SuPoshan Sanginis’ Fight Against Malnutrition On International Women’s Day

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