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India’s Ecological Restoration Efforts May Cut Impacts Of Climate Change

There is a necessity of integrating ecological restoration into broader sustainability frameworks which can be seen as India has pledged to reach land-degradation neutrality by 2030 In India, about 30 per cent of land area — equal to that of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan put together — has been degraded due to soil erosion, […]

From Waste to Worth: Transforming Plastic Waste Into Valuable Resources

Industry leaders highlight sustainable solutions and innovations in plastic management Deepa Nagraj, Global Head of Communications, Sparkle Innovation Ecosystem, ESG and CSR, Mphasis outlines the primary contributors to plastic waste, she says, “One of the things that we hear a lot of people talk about is we’re probably the last generation who can do something […]

Green Synergies: How Innovative Collaborations Are Solving Environmental Challenges

From investment in research and development (R&D) to the technological advancements with battery storage and pumped hydro, experts talked about the importance of renewable energy and the terms of adopting it in India and how it is moving in the right direction As the world deals with the rising impact of climate change, experts have […]

“Clean Air On Horizon: The Revolution in Sustainable Transportation”

Small behavioural changes with respect to our transportation habits can make a significant impact on the environment, say Experts Transformation in the transportation sector is the need of the hour given the amount of pollution that is increasing in the environment. Global warming and carbon emissions need to be reduced considerably in order to ensure […]

“Climate Financing: A Catalyst For Change In Global Environmental Crisis”

The purpose of green bonds is thematic. It is the transparency, accountability and integrity of the use of proceeds Climate bonds, one of the instruments which promote green investment are also surrounded by certain challenges. Various companies fail to achieve targets of decarbonisation which further impacts investors’ perception of the company’s commitment to energy transition. […]

Experts Call For Stricter Enforcement & Innovative Solutions To Combat Water Pollution

The biggest issue with water pollution in India is particularly on the industrial side when a lot of the unregulated industries, which are not the typical industrial zones often seed without all the right clearances Industry leaders gathered to discuss pressing issues surrounding water pollution in India, highlighting the need for stronger enforcement of existing […]