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Tata Motors Initiates Construction Of Gigafactory In The United Kingdom

Rerouting is adding about 10 odd days to the portfolio, and for specific lanes, the thick products, we are finding ways to navigate it   With continuous efforts towards the project’s financial closing, Tata Motors has formally started building its gigafactory in Somerset, UK. Tata Motors Group Chief Financial Officer P. B. Balaji recognised a […]

Tata Motors Advocates For Exclusively Zero-Emission Vehicles To Combat Air Pollution

Tata Motors Advocates for Exclusively Zero-Emission Vehicles to Combat Air Pollution   Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Managing Director, Shailesh Chandra, asserts that only zero-emission cars can play a crucial role in reducing air pollution, cutting down fuel imports and achieving net zero targets. In response to calls from a specific industry segment to reduce taxes on […]