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Transforming Plastic Waste: A Collaborative Approach towards Sustainable Solutions

Unveiling the path to environmental harmony through joint efforts from organizations through CSR, local communities, and consumers


In a recent panel discussion on plastic waste management, industry leaders shed light on the imperative requirement for collaboration among stakeholders to address the escalating concerns surrounding plastic pollution.

Angad Khanna, Waste Warrior from the Waste Warriors Society, a prominent voice in the conversation, emphasised the essence of collective responsibility, stating, “There is a lot of talk when it comes to plastic waste, on who is to blame, is it the consumer or producer. The ethos of our organisation says that everyone needs to work together. The task is to bring together civil society organisations, local communities, and the government into these waste management projects.”

Echoing this sentiment, N. Raghuram, Co-Founder and Director, Green Recykloplast Solutions an influential figure in the sector, expressed his company’s commitment to crafting sustainable solutions, particularly in the realm of multilayer plastics. He asserted, “It is not that plastic is the issue or that it is inherently bad, but the way we use, recycle, or handle it is where the problem actually lies.”

Nitin Agarwal, Chief Strategy Officer, Pashupati Group shedding light on the operational aspects, revealed, “We are processing more than 700 tonnes of plastic waste per day, moving towards achieving a capacity of 300,000 every year. Consumers can contribute in two or three ways – through personal behaviour such as waste segregation at home and mindful purchasing habits. All these factors play a crucial role in fostering a sustainable environment.”

From a unique corporate perspective, Sharang Ambadkar, Founder & Managing Partner, FeelGood EcoNurture LLP disclosed an innovative approach to collaboration with big corporates. He stated, “From the consumer’s point of view, what we try to do for big corporates is not just sell the material. We engage in a barter system, taking waste from their facilities and providing them with valuables of an equal amount. For example, for 20 tons of plastic waste, we give them 10,000 t-shirts, promoting circularity while actively recycling plastics.”

Sudhir Mishra, Founder & Managing Partner at Trust Legal and a noted Environment Lawyer, added his expert viewpoint to the discussion, asserting, “The legal framework plays a pivotal role in fostering a collaborative and sustainable approach towards plastic waste management. It is imperative for government, businesses, and communities to work in tandem, aligning their efforts with the legal guidelines to ensure effective and lasting solutions.”

As these industry leaders advocate a holistic approach, it becomes evident that transforming the narrative around plastic waste requires not only innovative technological solutions but also a collective commitment from consumers, corporations, and governmental bodies alike. The amalgamation of these efforts promises a future where plastic waste is managed responsibly, fostering environmental resilience for generations to come.

Transforming Plastic Waste: A Collaborative Approach towards Sustainable Solutions

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Transforming Plastic Waste: A Collaborative Approach towards Sustainable Solutions

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