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Empowering Change: Strategies And Insights from HCLTech’s CSR Leader

Unlocking transformative change,  Nidhi Pundir, VP of Global CSR at HCLTech and Director, HCLFoundation, shares strategic insights on NGO collaboration, impact measurement, sustainability and progress transparency in an illuminating discussion with HCLTech and BW Sustainability World In a recent conversation between HCLTech and BW Sustainability World, Nidhi Pundir, Vice President of Global CSR at HCLTech […]

CBAM’s Impact on Renewable Energy Adoption in Indian Industries

In an  interview with Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder of Creduce and BW Sustainability World, he delved into navigating international climate regulations such as CBAM, the potential impact on renewable energy adoption in India, and strategies for maintaining competitiveness amidst regulatory changes. 1) How does your organization, CREDUCE, navigate international climate regulations such as CBAM and […]