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Waste Segregation

The Art Of Composting: Turning Waste Into Wealth

“By transforming organic waste into valuable compost, we can reduce our environmental footprint, improve soil health, and contribute to a more sustainable future,” writes Ferdin Sylvester, the Director and Co-founder At OneEarth Foundation. In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and environmental conservation, composting stands out as one of the simplest yet most impactful practices […]

Sustainable Urbanization

From Trash To Treasure: Art Of Extracting Critical Elements For Sustainable, Circular Future 

Businesses must embrace circular design principles, incorporating recycled materials and designing products for longevity and recyclability, writes Prassann Daphal, Chief Executive Director (CEO), Recyclekaro. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the notion of turning trash into treasure has never been more relevant. With resources depleting and landfills overflowing, there’s a growing imperative to adopt sustainable […]

Net Zero: Transforming Economies For Livable Earth

The journey towards net zero emissions is arduous but essential. It requires collective action, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to building a more sustainable future, writes Aun Abdullah, Head-ESG Lodha With global greenhouse gas emissions reaching record highs and the carbon budget rapidly depleting, the urgency to shift towards a low-carbon and ultimately net-zero carbon economy has […]

Goal Is To Expand Manufacturing Footprint, Increase Domestic Sourcing: Carrier India’s Narayanan

In an interview with BW Sustainabilityworld, Sundaresan Narayanan, Managing Director (MD), Carrier India, HVAC has said that the company is planning to expand its manufacturing footprint in the country and increase sourcing from domestic suppliers. Carrier collaborates closely with stakeholders throughout the supply chain to drive the ESG roadmap forward. Currently, we are producing a […]

Sustainable Waste Management Firm Goodeebag Eyes Over 3x Revenue Growth In FY24-25

The sustainable waste management firm Goodeebag is targeting over 300 per cent growth in revenue for the fiscal year 2024-25. Building on its recent expansion initiatives, the company aims to surpass the previous targets in revenue in a move towards environmental stewardship and business excellence. “The surge in projected revenue is attributed to Goodeebag’s strategic expansion […]

Runaya Inaugurates State-of-the-art Calcium Aluminate Plant In Odisha’s Jharsuguda

Runaya, a sustainable manufacturing and recycling firm has inaugurated its Calcium Aluminate Plant in Odisha’s Jharsuguda in a move towards environmental leadership and technological advancement within the industry. The company in a statement said that the plant is at the center of technology-enabled innovation. With a capacity of 12,000 metric tonne per annum, this facility […]

Happiest Minds, ENERCON Eye To Drive Sustainable Wind Energy Solutions

Happiest Minds Technologies on Friday said that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with ENERCON to drive sustainable wind energy solutions To facilitate, a distributed agile pod team has been set up to collaborate closely with their product owners, subject matter experts (SMEs), and local partners. Furthermore, Happiest Minds will focus on enhancing a […]

Investing In Future: Developing Green Skills For Tomorrow’s Workforce

“As we navigate the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability, the urgency of developing green skills is increasing rapidly,” writes Ramnath Vaidyanathan, AVP and Head – Environmental Sustainability, Godrej Industries If you ask a teenager what they think will be the most-in-demand jobs in the next five years, you will most likely hear the […]

India Aiming To Achieve One-Third Of The Global Milk Production By 2030: Official

Indian steel and cement companies are facing a looming challenge as the European Union implements its new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), popularly known as the “carbon tax.” This mechanism, designed to create a level playing field for European firms, imposes taxes on imports based on their embedded carbon emissions. The concern among Indian exporters […]