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Decoding Shift To Sustainable Packaging In India’s Gifting And Shipment Sector

Packing materials obtained from natural elements is the latest organic method adopted by the players in the gifting and shipment industry (containership or other modes of transport) to advance towards a sustainable future. Several companies are switching gears to eliminate toxic chemicals and condense packaging waste to nil.  It’s nothing new to pack products in […]

From Chest To Earth: Can Eco-friendly Strategies Help In Sustainable Jewellery Preservation?

Is sustainability the road ahead for the realm of jewellery? Ornament makers and wearers alike are walking the eco-friendly route and tapping ways to save the environment from harmful effects and embrace zero waste. Whether this will help reduce the carbon footprint or not, only time will tell. Let’s check out their jewellery cases and […]

Desi Toymakers Go Green to Script New Toy Story

The toy industry is taking sustainable initiatives to make eco-friendly toy sets and merchandise for kids to allow them to learn amid fun, creativity and security. This, in turn, could restrict plastic pollution to an extent.   Four-year-old Aarav’s environmentally-conscious parents chose a giraffe soft toy for him. The boy not only fell in love […]