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Over 70% Of Global Workforce Exposed To Climate Hazards: Report 

A new ILO report finds climate hazards like heat and wildfires threaten worker health, urging stronger regulations to protect the global workforce The International Labour Organisation (ILO) issued a report highlighting the growing dangers climate change poses to the global workforce. The report, titled “Ensuring safety and health at work in a changing climate,” found […]

India’s Environmental Tech Funding Drops 32% To $1.68 Bn In 2023: Report

Following a peak of USD 2.47 billion in funding in 2022, India’s environmental technology sector faced a significant setback, witnessing a sharp decline to USD 1.68 billion in 2023, marking a notable 32 per cent decrease, according to a report by Tracxn, a platform for tracking startups and private companies. The report stated that as […]

Green Hydrogen: Sanjeevani Booti For Driving India’s Energy Security, Energy Transition

By concentrating on below areas, India will strengthen its energy security and move towards a sustainable and prosperous future by supporting international collaboration in developing renewable energy sources to tackle climate change The preservation of nature and its sanctity are deeply ingrained in India’s cultural ethos. Ancient Indian lifestyle imbibed the principles of harmonious living […]

Empowering Change: Strategies And Insights from HCLTech’s CSR Leader

Unlocking transformative change,  Nidhi Pundir, VP of Global CSR at HCLTech and Director, HCLFoundation, shares strategic insights on NGO collaboration, impact measurement, sustainability and progress transparency in an illuminating discussion with HCLTech and BW Sustainability World In a recent conversation between HCLTech and BW Sustainability World, Nidhi Pundir, Vice President of Global CSR at HCLTech […]

CBAM’s Impact on Renewable Energy Adoption in Indian Industries

In an  interview with Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder of Creduce and BW Sustainability World, he delved into navigating international climate regulations such as CBAM, the potential impact on renewable energy adoption in India, and strategies for maintaining competitiveness amidst regulatory changes. 1) How does your organization, CREDUCE, navigate international climate regulations such as CBAM and […]

Tata Consumer Products’ Comprehensive Sustainability Strategy: Embedding Environmental Responsibility Into Business DNA

1) How does Tata Consumer Products integrate sustainability into its overall business strategy? Can you provide examples of certain recent sustainability initiatives that the company has been taking or certain achievements that you would like to share with us? Tata Consumer Products has embedded sustainability into its business strategy through purposeful pillars, with one specifically […]

India Ranks Third In Global Pollution: IQAir Study Shows 42 Out Of 50 Most Polluted Cities Are Indian

According to a report released by Swiss air quality monitoring body, IQAir after Bangladesh and Pakistan, India is  the third-most polluted country in 2023 India has been declared the third-most polluted country in 2023, trailing behind Bangladesh and Pakistan, according to the World Air Quality Report 2023 released by Swiss air quality monitoring body, IQAir. […]

Uber’s New Feature To Track CO2 Emissions Saved On Every Uber Green Ride

Uber  on March 12 set forth a new feature called ‘Emission Savings’, aimed at providing riders with visibility on their contribution to reducing carbon emissions while riding with Uber This feature, available in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, allows riders to track how many kilograms of CO2 emissions they saved by opting for Uber Green vehicles, […]

Integration Of Social Learning Essential For Effective Green Tech Subsidies

A new study in The US says that government subsidies for green technology fall short because price tags are only one of the many consumer hang-ups over adopting EVs   In 2023, the average cost of electric vehicles (EVs) in the US stood at approximately USD 54,000, presenting a significant barrier to consumer adoption. In […]