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SaralSCF Emerges from Stealth Mode, Disbursing Over ₹1,500 Crore and Onboarding 110+ Anchor Partners

SaralSCF, the supply chain financing arm of BlackSoil Group, emerges from its stealth mode with over ₹1,500 Crore disbursed and more than 110 Anchor Partners enlisted. The state-of-the-art B2B (business-to-business) technology platform delivers customized financing solutions to mid-size enterprises, startups, and growing companies, addressing their diverse working capital needs. SaralSCF also collaborates with numerous Financial Institutions for co-lending.

Comprehending the multifaceted financing needs of the entire supply chain ecosystem, spanning manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, SaralSCF serves various industries, including leading segments in manufacturing, mobile technology, consumer durables, textiles, and LED lighting. Noteworthy anchors include DeHaat and BigHaat. It caters to a wide spectrum of borrowers, from micro and small entrepreneurs to mid-size traders, manufacturers, and women entrepreneurs.

Key highlights of SaralSCF:
– Over 110 Anchor Partners onboarded
– Disbursed value surpassing ₹1,500 Crore
– Current Assets Under Management (AUM) exceeding ₹180 Crore
– Financed over 16,500 borrowers
– Disbursed over 2.2Lac invoices

This platform optimizes supply chain financing in payable and receivable management through customizable products.

Saral Pay Later: Provides tailored financing solutions with real-time payments to Anchor Partners and flexible credit options for their customers.

Saral Vendor Finance: Offers customized credit solutions with immediate payments to Suppliers and flexible credit options for Anchor Partners.

Saral Supply Chain Credit: Addresses the immediate working capital needs of Anchor Partners.

Launched as part of BlackSoil’s strategic expansion plan, SaralSCF aims to transform India’s supply chain finance sector, positioning itself as a key fintech player in the sector within the next five years.

Mohinder Pal Bansal, Founding Partner & Chairman of BlackSoil Group, remarked, “The launch of SaralSCF is strategically aligned with our long-term business expansion and diversification plan. With SaralSCF, our vision is to lead India’s supply chain finance revolution, driving progress and prosperity through innovation, technology, and business empowerment, contributing to India’s economic growth.”

SaralSCF has introduced a dedicated portal for its anchor partners and a user-friendly app for end borrowers, ensuring efficiency, seamless financing management, and full transparency. Moreover, it is advancing its technology to broaden supply chain financing solutions, addressing even the most intricate sectors.

Gaurav Bagrodia, President of SaralSCF, commented on the launch, “As a technology-enabled platform, SaralSCF caters to the unique technological needs of the supply chain ecosystem. It enhances the efficiency of the supply chain financing process by offering hassle-free end-to-end and tailored digital solutions equipped with advanced monitoring and analytical tools.”

With its parent group, BlackSoil, SaralSCF emphasizes ESG alignment and responsible financing, positively impacting rural entrepreneurship, women empowerment, SMEs’ advancement, microenterprises, and the farming community. Through its supply chain financing ecosystem, SaralSCF has benefitted thousands of stakeholders:

  1. Over 8000 rural borrowers have gained financial access
  2. 2200 microenterprises and more than 180 SMEs have received financial support to expand their businesses
  3. 5750 farmers, including 1100 women farmers, have received financial assistance to boost the agricultural sector
SaralSCF Emerges from Stealth Mode, Disbursing Over ₹1,500 Crore and Onboarding 110+ Anchor Partners

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SaralSCF Emerges from Stealth Mode, Disbursing Over ₹1,500 Crore and Onboarding 110+ Anchor Partners

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